May 18, 2016
Denise Pope, senior lecturer
at Standford University, will
discuss The well-Balanced Student:
Avoiding Stress and Over Scheduling.
Sponsored by Mission Hospital Laguna Beach.
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March 16, 2016

Sabrina Schuck, executive director at the Child
Development School at UC Irvine,
discussed raising well-balanced
children in a fast paced world.
Sponsored by Mission Hospital Laguna Beach.
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Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans
shared lessons learned as an
Olympian that translated to life as
a parent. Watch video.
Clinical Psychologist Dr Jerry Weichman
addressed common and chronic parenting issues
and provided tips and tools for knowing what
your kids are doing. Watch Video .
Too much on your plate
to make it to Coffee Break?
We can relate.
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or watch some of the video or listen to
audio clips.

More than just Coffee

Coffee Break is a monthly program organized and supported by the Laguna Beach PTA Council’s Parent Education Committee. The event is a talk or panel featuring guest speakers: local professional parents, invited ‘out of town’ speakers or some internationally renowned speakers. These speakers generously donate their time to present a topic that is relevant to parents, guardians and mentors.

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